3 Day Weekends Online - Old news archive

04 August 2012

I have added a new feature to to the vigil. When a person signs up for a timeslot during a vigil, a new "sign-up" button will apper on the vigil.

25 March 2004

I have added additional walk information to the Prayer & Palanca/Agape list. You will now see a list of any other weekends that the community is holding. This way, you can send out multiple letters to a single community and customize each letter for the specific weekend.

18 August 2003

I have added a new field to the Prayer Vigil.  It lists the number of available prayer vigil slots.  If you see a large number for a weekend that is about to start, consider signing up for a slot or two.

6 August 2003

I have updated the Cursillo History map and the new version has been posted. It takes more of a timeline view of the spread of the Cursillo movement across the world. Download a copy today!

21 November 2002

Due to the fact that my current ISP has decided to cease the web hosting offering, I have been madly moving the pages over to a new server. You might have noticed that the prayer vigil information has been unavailable since last weekend. All should be restored by now. Please let me know if you have any problems accessing any information.

19 November 2002

I am now running with a new ISP.  Please report any problems with this web site to me.

5 July 2002

I have a working version of a prayer vigil signup sheet available. I have added two weekends to the list.  Access it from the frame on the left.

I have created a New version of the History of the Cursillo (v1.3) released!

31 May 2002

I have a new input screen for registering your weekends.  Please let me know if you have any problems with it.

10 February2002

I have created a New version of the History of the Cursillo (v1.2) released!

28 December 2001

I created a map of the history of the Cursillo.

25 September 2001

Welcome to the new home of the 3 Day Weekends Online.!

21 July 2001

I have started updating the community links pages from information harvested from various web page sources.

2 December 2000

I have added some information about various e-mail discussion lists that are floating about on the net.

11 September 2000

I have begun working on some small tutorials to help new comers figure out how to use the lists.

30 June 2000

I have updated the Weekend request list to input up to 4 weekends in one request.  I hope this eases some of the load in making the weekend requests.

Old messages

I have been updating the information in the Community Links area.  Right now I have alot of the Emmaus and Chrysalis communities in the list.   I would like to add communities from all of the different 4th day type communities.   Check out the changes to the list.